At Anjali House, volunteers are essential to help us achieve our mission which is to help our students develop into healthy, well-adjusted young adults, equipped with the skills they need to be successful in their future endeavours. Together, we share the same values and goals. You want to know how? Let’s hear what our students have to say.
In order to improve the lives of underprivileged children, young adults and their families on a long-term basis, Anjali House is strongly supported by project based, administrative, communications, fundraising and classroom volunteers.
During their work here, the fundraising volunteers implement strategies with the aim to increase the organisation’s visibility online. Volunteers from all over the world also come to the school to support our Khmer teachers and assist them with their English classes through the organisation of workshops. Without our project based volunteers, such as the helpers in our organic garden, an increasing amount of nutritional ingredients for the daily meals would be missing and the children wouldn’t have the chance to learn to grow fruits and vegetables. Others help with building new showers and bathrooms to ensure the children’s basic care. Along with our students, we want to celebrate all our past and current volunteers who make Anjali House what it is today: a safe and happy environment where children can grow, learn, play and make friends.
If you want to volunteer, please visit our page to know more : https://anjalihouse.opte.io/volunteer/]]>