<![CDATA[On October 5th we celebrate World Teachers’ Day. Theavy, Sitha, Samrith, Bunthorng are our super star teachers. Their commitment to Anjali House is commendable. We want to thank them for the life changing work they have accomplished with their students. Here are some stories they want to share with us which make them proud to do what they are doing.

Theavy and her students about to start an art and craft activity

Theavy is teaching our 6 to 8 year old students. She started working at Anjali House in 2016 and loves teaching and helping the children.
“I love teaching because I can spread knowledge. I especially like to work with the children because they bring me happiness. In my class, I insist on hygiene, school rules and discipline. Before I start a lesson, I always remind my students to take a shower and after the class break I tell them to brush their teeth because I want them to be healthy. Moreover, there are healthcare posters on the walls of the class. Even if it is sometimes hard to get their attention and make them change, I try to build it up day after day. I also encourage students to be good people in the society. I want to see all Anjali House’s students become good citizens of Cambodia.”

Teacher Sitha surrounded by his students

Sitha teaches our 11 to 13 year old students.  He arrived in April 2017. Here he talks about one of his students, Karona:
“Karona is a very industrious and a smart girl in my class. She helps cleaning the classroom and I don’t even have to ask her.  Karona is also very caring and committed in the class. I see her quite often explaining the lessons to her friends and her sister when they need help. She always tries her best in every class and is always happy to do so. Her test results are improving every month. In July she got a score of 62 and in August, she scored 67. I am sure she will pass all her exams…she has what it takes to succeed. ”

Samrith, the young adult coordinator teaching IT classes

Samrith is the young adults’ coordinator. He started in October 2016 and wants to help students set up clear goals for their future and encourage them to reach their full potential. Today he wants to share the story of Pheakdey:
“He is one of my top students. Pheakdey is very active and hardworking. He is going to graduate from high school this year. He has been working so hard on his graduation preparation. In addition to his busy schedule with his high school work, he contributes to Anjali House and does community services. He assists teachers to run creative workshops. Pheakdey is also very good at graphic design. He spends a lot of time working on “Photoshop” and teaches his friends how to use it. Because he is very talented with technology, he wants to pursue his higher education in Information Technology. I am convinced that with his hard work and the support from his family and Anjali House, he will be able to reach his goal towards a bright future.”
Learn more about our Education program: https://anjalihouse.opte.io/project/education/]]>