Volunteering Testimonial

Carlijn Vosselman

My name is Carlijn Vosselman. I am a Nutrition and Dietetics student from the Netherlands. 

For the next two months I will do an internship at Anjali House. I will be giving workshops about Nutrition and health in general. I hope that with my knowledge I can make a small change in the lives of the children at Anjali House so they can grow up happy and healthy just as they should be. Nutrition is so much more than just eating what you like and I hope that the children will understand this during my time here. 

In the Netherlands I did some babysitting now and then, but I have never taught children before. It will be a challenge for me to give them workshops, but hopefully I learn a lot from this experience and use these skills when I come back to the Netherlands.

Marianne Lndn

“From the first time I traveled in South East Asia 6 years ago, I truly fell in love with the culture and the extreme generosity of the population. When I returned to France, my dream was to travel back to Asia again.

A few years later, I made my dream come true by studying in the Philippines for an exchange program. This was the most amazing experience of my life! At the beginning I encountered difficulties, but they were quickly resolved thanks to an incredibly kind population. By interacting with them, I began to understand the main issues of their daily life. I was really upset that people who naturally share with others, without expecting anything in return, live in such conditions. Of course, I knew at the time I would not be able to change everything. At the end of my program, quite by chance or a twist of fate, I met some international volunteers who opened my eyes to new possibilities.

After returning home, this volunteering project became a personal objective.
First, I had to graduate and gain work experience which I accomplished. This totally confirmed I feel more fulfilled in my work when it is based on human relations and not on money.

As a former American president said : “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone”.

So I decided it was time for change!

Finally, I joined Anjali House’s team for a one-year adventure to thank those people who inspired me so much for my whole life.”
– Marianne

Nona Soumahu

“I arrived in Cambodia 2 months ago and I will be staying 8 months more.
I study social work in the Netherlands and I am currently doing my internship at Anjali House.

Back home, I did after-school activities with kids from 4 to 12 years old. Working with kids made me learn a lot about myself so I made the decision to go abroad and experience this in another culture and environment.

I did not know where to go until one of my classmates shared amazing stories about his internship at Anjali House.
I then knew I wanted to do the same.

I came to Anjali House in order to help the students become the strong and loving individuals I know they already are.
Life can be challenging sometimes and school barely teaches about life. I strive to teach them how to deal with all kinds of obstacles.

Helping the youth is helping the future.”

Nona Soumahu.

Salomé Zydlowski

When making the decision to do my internship abroad, I wanted to find a project that spoke to me. 

In Cambodia, children living in poverty often miss out on the opportunity to get an education or even a chance to play and enjoy their childhood.

Thanks to Anjali House, 120 children in Siem Reap can socialize in a safe environment and develop skills to help them grow and become the best version of themselves.

I believe that Anjali House is an amazing organization which needs to be more in the spotlight. As an Intern in Communication & Fundraising, I will spend the next few months showing the impact of Anjali House’s programs on its students and their families.

It’s important to remember that any opportunity in our life has been fought for and that all people in this world weren’t born with the same advantages as us. 

So if you wish to help, talk to your friends, family and colleagues; spread the word about Anjali House’s actions. Raising awareness is essential in order to encourage people to get involved and be more proactive about this issue. 

Salomé Zydlowski

Marion Pilli

“Before volunteering at Anjali House, I worked as a nurse in a pedopsychiatric ward in France.
During these years I spent with children in need I realized how crucial the period of childhood is.

These early years are like the foundations of a house.
With bad foundations, the walls may fall down.
With solid foundations, the walls will resist the wear of time.

The Psychoanalyst Françoise Dolto stated:
“Children do not have all the rights but have only rights”.

Yet… Worldwide, there are many children suffering symptoms of poverty threatening their basic rights.
This injustice became an obsession which led me to volunteering in Cambodia at Anjali House. 
I have been now volunteering for three months and I am honoured to be part of a transparent child rights NGO whose philosophy is as follows:

“We believe that no child should be forced to work. We believe that they have the right to enjoy their childhood. This means to learn, play, make friends and grow in a safe and happy environment. These are basic rights that no child should be denied”.

This is like music in my head that I could sing at a Karaoke until the end of the night.”
– Marion