We’re always working to expand and improve the impact of our NGO and offer the best services we can to our community. Consequently, we underwent a review of our work in 2019. We saw that the community we serve is more financially stable and better able to provide basic care to their children than they were when we first founded our charity. Moreover, we’re deepening our emphasis on early education, community engagement, and scholarships, and growing our family to over 200 students and their families.


What changes are you making? 

Our aim is to become a central community hub, involving everyone in our initiatives. The establishment of the Parent Council and Student Council marks our effort to foster community engagement. Additionally, These groups are instrumental in offering suggestions for ongoing improvement and ensuring our accountability.

As we progress in enhancing the education program, focusing on preparing students for higher education while parents fulfill basic needs, we pivot towards experiential learning and innovative workshops. Guided by mentors closely collaborating with students, this method intends to strengthen technical skills and foster individual talents. Our vision encompasses an extended scholarship program, enhancing high school readiness and expanding access to university or vocational training opportunities.

What are the new programs?

We’re restructuring our initiatives into three core programs: the Young Explorers, Future Leaders, and Active Communities programs.

In the Young Explorers program, children aged 4 to 13 discover a secure space to develop English and computer skills, alongside opportunities for outdoor excursions and creative workshops.

Transitioning to the Future Leaders program, designed for students aged 14 and above, they acquire essential hard and soft skills, shaping them into adept leaders for higher education and thriving careers. Personalized guidance aids in identifying suitable professions and academic paths, with support extended through scholarships for high school tutoring and advanced education.

Moreover, pivoting towards community support within our Active Communities program, our dedicated social worker conducts workshops for families and community members while providing personalized counseling. In addition, community English classes and the establishment of a community library serve the wider community, while our children actively participate in community service.


What remains the same?

While our values remain constant, emphasizing every child’s entitlement to safety, a joyful childhood, and education irrespective of socioeconomic backgrounds, there’s a commitment to continuing our services for the most disadvantaged families at no cost. Furthermore, we remain steadfast in prioritizing local Khmer leadership and expertise while upholding transparency and sustainability. Recognizing that delivering high-quality education to young Cambodians is pivotal for a brighter future, we remain dedicated to this cause.



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