<![CDATA[Since January, Anjali House has started to run the English Access Microscholarship Program to 35 talented 13-20 year old youth from impoverished backgrounds. The “Access Program” developed and sponsored by the U.S. State Department provides a foundation of English language skills through a 2 year after school program.

An Access Program class at Anjali House

The 12th of January, Anjali House welcomed the U.S. Ambassador William A. Heidt for the opening ceremony of the “Access Program” mentioning that for the first time, 35 students of Siem Reap were enrolled in the “Access Program” joining other students in 8 other Cambodian provinces. This was a celebration for Anjali House.
During this two-year program the students will learn about English language, American culture and values and gain the ability to compete for U.S. government exchange and study programs. At the end of the “Access Program” they will also receive a certificate to testify to their level of English.
Simon Ke, Director of Anjali House explains: “The students attending the Access program were carefully chosen. It is a good opportunity for them to improve their English skills and be successful in their future endeavour. In 2019, after completing the program, some students will have the chance to get a scholarship and all will receive the certificate which is a great recommendation for their future professional life.”
The access program includes one hour of after school classes from Monday to Friday and several excursions such as visits to universities or museums. Also, twice a year, the U.S State Department organises a meeting with all the students from all the eight provinces which run the access programs in Cambodia. The purpose is to create interaction and awareness about English studies.
“I like the Access program because it’s a great opportunity. Not only to improve my English, but also to create more relationships. Through the program, we meet new people and we share experiences. It is really interesting and useful.” says Borith, one of Anjali House’s access program student.
The Access program is run at Anjali House. However, it is an open program and 5 students come from other public schools in  Siem Reap. Anjali House is glad to run this program and to be able to also support external students by providing them a recognized English language class.
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