Meet Sokea

We are happy to introduce Sokea, an alumni who started with Anjali at a young age and has returned to teach. It is always touching to see the evolution of a child, on their journey of growing up and independent. Sokea’s journey proves that although every journey has difficulties, there are solutions. It is important to know how to bounce back and to be open to the opportunities that life offers us.

My name’s Try Sokea. I am 26 years old. I have 7 siblings and I am the fifth child in my family. My parents moved to Siem Reap around 2007. My home town was from Takeo Province. Because my parents wanted to look for a job. My father was selling pillows, and my brother and I were selling rose at the night time. So, my father my earn for income, and brother and I earned some income too.

Beginning at Anjali House

I discovered Anjali House thanks to my friends. One day, one of my sisters and I went to visit the center with them, and it was the beginning of our studies here. One of my sisters and one of my brothers and I went to this center. The other part of my siblings worked in Phnom Penh, the capital. 

It was a good thing for us, we could have more classes after school. We were lucky because every morning, a Tuktuk driver came to pick us up. The driver was from Anjali’s staff we took around 15 minutes to drive to the community center and we had class in the morning from 7:00 am to 10:30 am. I received great lessons and I felt safe and confident there. 

After to be graduated of grade 12 in high school, I got the grade E. Thereafter, I received a scholarship from Paul Durbrule School and my Major wasTravel Agency and Operation.

I received a scholarship to study at the Paul Dubrule School, I really wanted to work in tourism and I appreciate studying there. Unfortunately, COVID 19 happened during my placement I couldn’t cough any position in a tour company because most of the companies were closing. And Paul Dubrule school though me to practice English and computer skills there a lot and I could have more communication with other foreigners too. Now I am not working in the tourism industry but I can use English to work with kids and be confident in my communication with others too.

What I Am Doing Now

At Anjali House, I’m an intern. I’m assisting teachers during class and I take care of children. I needed to find an internship for my study. In fact, I’m a student now at in university to learn about Skills in General Management. After being student at Anjali House and having received education from there, I feel grateful to have the opportunity to do the same to this young generation. 

My Goal

I wish and plan to work in an organization in any kind of position that fit me so that I could help the community during I am working too. And my goal is I want to run my own business.