Meet Jade!

Hello! My name is Jade and I am from a beautiful archipelago in the Caribbean called Guadeloupe. Before coming to Anjali House, I was in Paris studying for my first year of a Master’s degree in city planning. This internship at Anjali House took place during my summer vacation. After three incredible months, I am going back to France, to finish my studies.

Why Anjali House ?

I came to Anjali House for a three month internship during my summer vacation. This summer, I wanted to visit Cambodia, get professional experience and be useful to others at the same time. I did some research and talked with people who had lived in Siem Reap. A friend recommended Anjali House to me when I was seeking an NGO that offered ethical and professionally stimulating opportunities. Their description perfectly matched what I was looking for.

My arrival in Siem Reap

My arrival in Siem Reap was facilitated by Anjali House, in deed, Marion, the volunteer coordinator picked me up at the airport. She drove me to the housing I had already booked and helped me through the process of getting a local phone number and renting a scooter. For me, Siem Reap has everything you need for your daily life, I was quick to adapt, and figure out the places where to buy food or where to hang out.

My volunteering at Anjali House

During my internship, I helped out with communication and fundraising. I was in charge of creating and sharing content on social media, the website, and the newsletter. Luckily, my colleagues were always there to show me how to use new software. Thanks to them, I picked up some valuable skills that I will be able to use in the future.

An important part of my fundraising mission was organizing a fundraising event and was also my favorite part of the internship because I had a lot of freedom to suggest ideas and take action. Organizing and holding the event was a lot of work but the team supported and helped me consistently. They made me feel useful and valued.

Last but not least,  I also taught English twice a week. It was a beautiful experience because teaching is my dream job and I wish to do it as a full-time job in the future, in 10 years for example. It was a chance to get a taste of how it is to be a teacher. I taught the students of Neak paon class who were between ten and twelve years old, they were very curious and motivated to learn. I enjoyed being their teacher.

What I will remember from Anjali House

This experience taught me that I can be part of a team and make a difference. Moreover, It also proved how a small organization can make a huge impact in many people’s lives. I am very happy about my time at Anjali House and I sincerely hope that I will be able to come back at some point in my life. I wish the best to this organization, its team and its students.


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