A Tale of Life
For so many families in the province of Siem Reap, the simple act of surviving requires strength and everyday commitment. This is the story of a woman, her family, their struggles and how they found help and hope for a better future, illustrated by Lilu Herlambang.

Through Anjali House’s educational initiatives and essential care programs, individuals like Bopha and Soriya* discovered a renewed sense of hope, sparking a positive transformation in their lives. Our commitment extends to providing countless children, akin to Bopha and Soriya, with the opportunities and resources they rightfully deserve. Donations help us in keeping the organization stable in the long run and enables us to support more families and their children throughout the years.

Check out other works by Lilu: you will find the stories of Karona, Sovann and Suki on this website, and other stories on her page.
*Names have been modified to protect the privacy of the students and their family.


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