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“We have a vibrant learning environment at Anjali House thanks to the volunteers from around the world who bring the best of their individual cultures and skills. For the students at Anjali House, many of whom have never travelled outside Siem Reap, this is a great way to get worldly wise.” – Sue Guiney


Vee’s Path to Empowerment: Anjali House and Dreams of Innovation

Discover the incredible journey of Vee, a once-shy teenager from Siem Reap, Cambodia, whose life took a remarkable turn within the nurturing walls of Anjali House. At 14, Vee's world changed when he joined Anjali House through the Access Program, a gateway to critical English, computer, and soft skills supported by the US Embassy. Before his Anjali House days, Vee was a reserved individual, but under the guidance of mentors like Pheakdey and Poleang, he blossomed into a confident young man, fueled by a newfound passion for technology. His insatiable curiosity for how things worked found a home within the program, nurturing his aspirations to become an IT Read more

The Crucial Role of Creativity in Education: Our Dedication

In our fast-paced, ever-changing world, fostering problem-solving skills and nurturing creativity has become more critical than ever. As we hurtle towards an uncertain future, it's increasingly evident that traditional education systems, historically centered on literacy and numeracy, should place a greater emphasis on cultivating creativity in young minds. At Anjali House, we firmly believe that creativity deserves a central role in a child's education, especially because students often have limited access to creative outlets within conventional schooling. Why Creativity Matters in Education   The ubiquity of screens and the often prohibitive cost of creative supplies pose significant barriers to unlocking our students' creative potential. Nevertheless, we are committed to nurturing creativity in children because we believe it is essential to… Read more

An Internship Experience at Anjali House – Jade

Meet Jade! Hello! My name is Jade and I am from a beautiful archipelago in the Caribbean called Guadeloupe. Before coming to Anjali House, I was in Paris studying for my first year of a Master's degree in city planning. This internship at Anjali House took place during my summer vacation. Next, I am going back to France, after three incredible months, to finish my studies. Why Anjali House ? I came to Anjali House for a three month internship during my summer vacation. This summer, I wanted to visit Cambodia, get professional experience and be useful to others at the same time. I did research and talked with people who had lived in Siem Reap. A friend recommended me… Read more

Menstrual Health in Cambodia – The Green Flow Project

The Green Flow Project In July 2023, Anjali House opened their doors to a unique and innovative project: GreenFlow. This initiative includes workshops in sexual and reproductive health for girls, boys, parents/carers and teachers, with the aim of promoting empathy and understanding for students navigating through adolescence. The key educators for this initiative are Sovanvotey Hok, Founder of Green Lady Cambodia, and Dr Alissa Ambrose, a doctor from the UK with an interest in sexual health. Ms Sotheavy At, Founder of Think Plastic, conducted workshops targeted at plastic waste from sexual and reproductive health products. In total, nearly 100 kids and around 20 parents/ carers and teachers have taken part in a variety of workshops and activities over the course of three weeks. Feedback… Read more