Subsidized Public Schooling
All Anjali House children are registered at local public schools. We provide them with mandatory school uniforms and all the necessary books, stationery and equipment for their studies.

Anjali House also pays for remedial and extra classes for the children and any fees incurred from schooling. We donate school and teaching materials to the 2 schools which the children attend. This assists the schools, the teachers and reduces the need for teachers to charge students extra fees for additional classes and material.

Our social worker monitors school attendance and performance. School support is vital to ensure Anjali House children have the opportunity to attend school regularly without any pressure to earn money.

English Program
Anjali House runs eight English classes every day and students are divided according to their level of competency. The English program is designed to equip our students with the skills to communicate and to obtain jobs where a foreign language is a requirement. This is led by our Khmer staff and supported by volunteers to assist with grammar and pronunciation.

We believe it is essential to have Khmer teachers running our English program assisted by English speaking volunteers. This gives the children positive adult role models in their daily lives.

Complementary Education

In order to ensure that our students not only keep up with school work but advance in their studies, our fully qualified teachers provide complementary classes for the students in areas such as Math, Khmer, General Studies, E-learning, and Computers. They designed the curricula to support the individual needs of each student as well as ensure that they challenge and support the class as a whole.


Education program latest news


Anjali House students reading their poems

Anjali House students reading their poems at the Open School Day in March 2017.

Creativity is Anjali House’s students’ forte


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