Volunteer Testimonials

Read testimonials of our previous volunteers an what they have to say about their time with us!




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Thao Elizabeth Nguyen

My name is Thao Elizabeth Nguyen (from Norway), and I volunteered at Anjali House for two months (September – November 2015). I worked alongside the social worker, and simply loved everything there is about Anjali House. I held workshops with topics such as communication, romantic relationships, alcohol and tobacco. The kids are adorable, smart, respectful and most important; so willing and eager to learn something new – they just need the opportunity and resources. Most of all, what I loved is the experience that I gained by knowing such lovely people; both staff and kids.

Thank you Anjali for everything, you are all doing an incredible and important job!



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Rosanne Dejong

I spent four months at Anjali House as a volunteer. Here, I developed creative workshops for the students. Some examples of the workshops I gave: drawing, painting, recycling projects and making bracelets. These workshops made me realize the importance of creativity, I enjoyed it so much to be creative and help the students with these creative activities. Not only they learned from me, but I also learned a lot from them! The students are so innovative, they are a such an example to me. During the workshops there was always a teacher present to translate, help and support me if it was necessary.

I also developed an anger management workshop for all the students. This anger management workshop included a case which we discussed, why did that person get so angry? What could we have done to prevent the situation? What could we have done to help? The students wrote down a situation when they got angry and shared it with each other. They also played a game, where they could experience their anger and see how they react. Afterwards we discussed the theory of an anger thermometer and solutions to make the feeling of anger go away. This workshop meant a lot to me, the students did great and were thinking about a lot of solutions! It was amazing to see how motivated and active the students were during this workshop.

Alongside these activities I helped the Social Worker during family visits and writing reports about the visits – It was such a special experience to visit the families.
Anjali House has been an incredible experience for me. It is something I can’t explain in words. The staff are so kind, they made me feel at home on my first day straight away. The students are incredibly motivated, enthusiastic and kind. I have never been so happy every morning to go to ‘work’!  Anjali House changed me and my perspective of life.  I am more grateful than ever to have had the opportunity to experience the lovely and kind people around me.



tracy for websiteTracy Danton

I was honoured and privileged to spend the month of June 2015 at Anjali House, having been referred by long term volunteer Don Hodges. I was overwhelmed by the lovely school, dedicated teachers and staff, the selfless volunteers and of course the fascinating students. This certainly was a life changing experience for me.

I came in to support with the e-Learning and computer lessons and also guide management with respect to some “HR business”. Doing the presentations to the staff, who were heaps of fun to work with and really participated in a motivated way was the best. I interacted with some of the other and joined their creative classes. We did heart-warming “gratitude trees” where each student wrote on a post it note, the things/people they were thankful to and grateful for. These were stuck on super creative trees on big pieces of cardboard which the students made too.  The thing I noticed about this exercise, is that we are all the same – we need people, love being loved and appreciated and fun is universal.

It was beautiful watching the students grow in a month – seemingly a short time but because they are so eager and hungry to learn, one can see them grow in confidence and knowledge on a daily basis. Hearing the laughter and competition during sports events was great. Watching them perform in the concerts, just mind blowing! It was an incredible experience to see how the leaders, teachers, support staff, school bus driver and students work together to ensure that Anjali House is successful, happy and continuously evolving. If I look at updates and pictures since I left, the school has grown in leaps and bounds! Long may that last.

If anyone ever has the chance to work with these lovely people and exceptional organisation, do not hesitate – your life will be forever enriched.



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Abigail Kemp

In the summer of 2015 I volunteered in Cambodia through an organisation called Globalteer, which arranged my accommodation and found me my placement at Anjali. I was chosen to volunteer here due to my background in dance: a passion I discovered at the age of three, and have since pursued, taking on ballet, tap, modern, jazz, pointe and most recently cheerleading.  I spent three weeks volunteering at Anjali teaching the children dance with dances varying across the styles of jazz, modern and cheerleading.

When I arrived I asked the children if they liked dancing, and most replied with a firm no. However, by the end of the first session the children loved it! For each class I choreographed a dance and on my last day the children performed their dances for the rest of the school. Even the students who did not wish to dance enjoyed the show. It was a very proud moment for me: seeing so many children enthusiastically perform the dances they had learnt.

The most heart-warming experience during my time at Anjali was walking past the children during lunch and catching them practising my routines! For me, my time at Anjali was a really rewarding experience: being able to teach children something they learnt so quickly and that they really enjoyed and had fun doing. Anjali is a truly amazing place with such fantastic children and brilliant staff and volunteers. My three weeks there were some of the best of my life. It’s such a friendly environment and a fantastic fun experience. If I could go back this second, I would without hesitation. Thank you Anjali!



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Rozsa Varga

I’m Rozsa, I’m 32 and spent 7 weeks with Anjali in the spring of 2015. I helped with fundraising from local hotels, administrative tasks, small workshops, the ‘Made in Cambodia’ market and any ad hoc tasks where Anjali needed help.

After leaving mycorporate job I arrived in Asia with a thought of traveling but in the meantime also giving back something to the locals, therefore Anjali was the perfect place for me. I learned to be patient, more accepting and understanding for the world especially that not everything is a given for children on this planet.

It was an amazing experience to see all the kids being kids during the Khmer New Year celebrations, no matter how difficult the situations they have at home. Also, during workshops how open they are to new things and ideas the volunteers have for them.

I hope I gave something back too with some marketing and fundraising ideas, spending time with the kids and helping with organizing some of the office.

The time I had was amazing, and I can advise to anyone who would love to help by volunteering or supporting Anjali, please do so, as this school does amazing things and provides future for these children.  I hope one day I can come back and help again.