When I was single, I sold pie and vegetable for a living and I kept doing it until I got married. In 2010, Simon from Anjali House let me be the cook helper for just part time (going to the market and buy the ingredient) for Anjali House Organization.

I am a widow with three children and I have been working so hard to earn money to feed my three children until these days and it has always been so difficult for me.

My life was very poor and difficult before but then when I started working for Anjali in May 2016 my life became a little bit better.

There was one day that I had a really hard time and it was one of the most difficult in my life. I had no rice to cook so I had to take the Bay Kdang (the bottom of the rice) and soak in the water and re-cook it again.

I made and sold cake everyday for a living and also had to look after my mother that stayed sick in bed for several days.

Until she died, my life was still very difficult and nothing changed much.

Since then, I have started working as a cook for Anjali for full time and after that my family life is getting a bit better.

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Anjali House that has rescued me and my family until now. Thanks Anjali for helping my children, giving them free education and all the school supplies and food to eat.