I am a single mother with 5 children. My husband died years ago. With my husband gone, I have to look after the children alone and do all the hard work, the difficult responsibilities have fallen on me.

My life has always been difficult , as while getting old my income stayed very little. To support my whole family for everyday life and for the money I have earned , I have to pay for my children to go to school and buying the school supplies for them.

I started working at Anjali House in the end of 2008 and I worked as a cleaner. Anjali House has given me a nice and warm shelter for my life.

Firstly, Anjali has been allowing me to work here and giving me a fairly good salary.

Secondly, Anjali has given a free education and knowledge for my children and my grandchildren.

My life has improved a bit and we are getting a lot better. Also, I have been participating in the parenting workshops with Anjali House. Anjali has given me a sewer machine for me to earn some extra money in order to feed my children.