Sustainability interventions at Anjali House

Nona, our Social Work intern, is currently working on multiple sustainability interventions as part of her one year volunteering stint with Anjali House in Siem Reap, Cambodia. She strives to raise awareness on subjects such as climate change and plastic pollution to stimulate the staff and students to be more aware about the matter. This awareness is created through in-house workshops and planned excursions to NGOs working in the space of environmental sustainability.

Nona has conceptualized, planned and coordinated such sessions for our young adults. She recently coordinated a session to learn how to recycle paper with Naga Earth, an organization working in the environment conservation and public health space.

Some of the students also watched the documentary ‘A Plastic Ocean’, which made them more aware about the current condition of our oceans.

Additionally, we focus on sustainability during the gardening classes where students make their own compost, recycle and grow vegetables organically.
This month the younger students attended presentations by the Fisheries Action Coalition Team (FACT) and the Eco Warriors about biodiversity and plastic pollution at the Angkor High School.
They also attended a plastic clean-up at Pearaing Lake Biodiversity Center with the Eco Warriors. In addition, they participated in outdoor activities to study the wildlife and wetlands surrounding the Pearaing Lake in Siem Reap.
Last week the younger students visited Rehash Trash for a workshop. Rehash Trash turns roadside rubbish into stylish products while providing a steady income for disadvantaged women in Siem Reap. The lovely women helped the students washing plastic bags and making keychains out of the material.

Thanks to Kampot Art Gallery, we have 120 informative books in Khmer which explain the effects of plastic pollution. This enables the youngest students at Anjali House to partake in and understand the interventions that are taking place.

The students have learned a lot about plastic pollution, and therefore we wanted to reward them by providing them with reusable water bottles. We managed to get 130 reusable water bottles for everyone at the school thanks to Footprint Cafes, New Leaf Eatery, HAVEN, Phare Circus, Plastic Free Cambodia and Andreas Loftesnes.

Orkun chreon!