Young Adult Program

The majority of Anjali House students remain with us until reaching the age of 16. Coming from impoverished and socially excluded families, it is vital they receive education, assistance and support in making decisions about their future lives and career options.

In Siem Reap, especially through the tourist sector, there are many different opportunities for employment. The aim of the Young Adult Program is to educate and prepare these young adults to integrate successfully into their future jobs and communities.

The students learn from a specially designed curriculum at Anjali House, which involves:

  • English language skills;
  • Computer skills;
  • Life skills;
  • Leadership skills;
  • Career orientation classes;
  • Scholarship matching for University.

English language and computer skills are becoming increasingly important as Cambodia continues its development in the global economy. The career orientation classes encourage our students to think about the future, explore possible career options and understand the world of work.

During life skill classes, important concepts such as friendship, personal conflicts and respect are discussed. They help the young adults develop into good citizens. The interactive and student-focussed lessons also help to develop the students’ logical reasoning and broaden their world-view (both in terms of the local and wider community). In addition to the classes, the students participate in special monthly workshops and field trips.

Graduates of the Young Adult Program have gone on to complete vocational training as an electrician, work in local restaurants and hotels, get scholarships and study at University ,and work at other non-governmental organizations.




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