Basic Care

With extreme poverty and a relatively high cost of medical care in Cambodia, many Cambodian children do not receive adequate healthcare. They consequently suffer from potentially life threatening illnesses.

A great number of children here are malnourished and do not have access to clean drinking water. Anjali House is dedicated to improving and maintaining the physical health and development of our kids. In order to do this, we provide three services as part of our basic care program:

Food Program
Many of the health problems affecting Cambodian children are associated with poor diet and unclean drinking water. Every day we ensure the children receive two nutritious meals, consisting of vegetables, meat and rice. We also provide unlimited filtered water for the children to drink.

Personal Hygiene
Due to the lack of clean water and the constraints of poverty, prior to the establishment of Anjali House many of our children had never used soap nor brushed their teeth. Now everyday the children bathe in clean running water with soap and shampoo, brush their teeth and clean their clothes. We supplement these resources with on-going education about the importance of personal hygiene in preventing illness.

Anjali staff members receive basic health training at Angkor Hospital for Children through their education program. Anjali also utilizes the ‘home-care service’ of Angkor Hospital for Children, which provides twice-yearly health checks for all the children on site and maintains their medical history and provides all emergency and longer-term care.

We also assist in family medical care, providing assistance in sourcing the correct and most cost effective or subsidized healthcare available. With emergency grants and loans for parents who have no savings or collateral, we have supported everything from care for broken limbs and motor injuries to cancer treatment and funeral expenses.


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