International Day of Families, 2019

Families all over the world have different dynamics depending on their cultural backgrounds and economic conditions. But it is difficult to classify them as better or worse. Every family faces issues and challenges depending on whether they are single-parent families, large families, stepfamilies, grandparent families, rich and poor families…

Studies suggest that there is no difference between rich and poor families in terms of aspirations. Children have the basic need ‘to have fun’ and ‘to fit in’, irrespective of their demographic and economic backgrounds. Similarly all parents want to be able to support their children in any way possible. The only difference is that poor families are much more limited when it comes to realising their hopes because they need to work hard at meeting their basic needs first.

Studies have also established a correlation between poverty and dysfunctional families. For instance, poverty creates a stressful environment and that in turn adversely influences the parents ability to play their role effectively.

The families that our students come from have very low incomes. On average, a family of five earns around 165$ per month which is not enough to cover the cost of food, hygiene supplies and education.

For this reason, at Anjali House, we assist our students and their entire families through our ‘Family Support’ program which is designed to enable families to work together in creating a safe environment for a child to grow into a healthy and happy adult.

In 2018, 65% of all families were approached for a family assessment to understand our students’ families’ social situation and evaluate the support they need. 17 families were counselled about child abuse and domestic violence. Our Social Worker also conducted workshops on topics such as good parenting, discipline and basic hygiene. Anjali House also provides emergency access to financial aid and access to healthcare.

If you believe that having a strong and healthy family system is important for a child to grow and be happy, you can show your support today and help us continue assisting families in 2019: