corporate giving

Helping in a big way.

Anjali House’s corporate giving program provides a unique outlet for companies to contribute to the health, education and future prospects of over 120 children and their families.

The awareness of corporate social responsibility is rising. For a company that is looking to make a significant and positive impact to a worthwhile cause, entering into a partnership with Anjali House would be beneficial for both organisations. Your contribution to an entity like Anjali House raises your standing as an ethical and proactive organisation committed to positive change.

There are many benefits of being involved on a corporate level with Anjali House. These include:

  • Being able to use our name and logo on your communications and updates to members.
  • Receiving regular updates and materials which can be used to highlight the difference your organisation is making.
  • The promotion of your sponsorship via our website, through social media, and in our annual report.
  • The opportunity for employees to become involved on an individual level through education, fundraising and communications with Anjali House. A direct involvement with philanthropic causes and the ability to participate in positive social change increases morale and employee engagement in the workplace.


Please see the following graph which displays our expenditure over the last three years, and how your funding can make a difference. For a full copy of this report please see below.


Full report available to download here:

Expenses and Funding Report 2016


For more information or to get involved with our corporate giving program please contact: