The Anjali Staff

Simon Ke


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I have been working with Anjali since 2007, involved working mostly with children and families. I want to ensure in the future they will become a good person, a good leader with strong knowledges, find good jobs, and come back to help their family and community. I finished bachelor degree in Business of Administration and Finance from BBU University in 2008. I also had been done variety short course training like Parenting Skills, Child Protection Policy, Management and Leadership Skills and NGO sustainability. 

Poleang Kong

Social Worker

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I worked at Anjali as an English Teacher for nearly one year and half before I took on the role of the Social Worker.
As a teacher I understand the feelings, interests, issues and behavioral patters of the children. This helps me in reaching out to them and enables me to solve any problem they might be facing. I am lucky that Anjali House has given me the opportunity to work as a social worker because I feel very connected to the role and how it helps the community at large.

Try Sophany

Program Lead

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I started working at Anjali in 2012 as a teacher and about 4 or 5 months later, I was promoted as a Lead Teacher. I am now the Program Lead in-charge of both planning and implementing.

My background in teaching English has helped me understand my role better. At Anjali House, I feel motivated to grow and at the same time I feel problem solving exciting. It challenges me and matches my natural inclination to strive for perfection. Anjali gives staff freedom to make their own decision and not feel pressured to conform.

Bun Thorng

Head Teacher

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Education institutions are my favorite. I have worked for Anjali House since 2010 in Education Department as a teacher and a head teacher. Via these positions, I have led and worked closely with my colleagues to ensure we could provide basic of English education with quality as much possible. I have also promoted communities through conducting community activities for Anjali House’s students and led the students to join community activities with partner organizations as well. I love sharing what I have known with people who need help. Limit of knowledge is a complex barrier for me, but I love what I have and I always keep trying my best.

Nadi DeJulio

Development Manager

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My main role at Anjali House is to support our relationships to donors and partners. I am passionate education and equity, and am currently pursuing my M. Ed in Global Education at Arizona State University. I am a certified ESOL and K-3rd grade teacher. Prior to moving to Cambodia I worked in South Korea as a teacher for seven years. Anjali gives children the opportunity to explore and develop in a safe environment. I love Anjali’s wholistic approach, focusing on both students and their families. 









Young Adult Teacher

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I am the ‘Young Adult’ program teacher at Anjali House. I began my journey here as a volunteer for 6 months in 2013.I feel happy and fulfilled to work at Anjali House because I come from similar circumstances as the children here. A big part of my life mission is to help these children fulfill their dreams because they will be our leaders in the future.

Mao Sotheavy


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I am a university student at Build Bright University where I study English. I have been working at Anjali House since 2016 as ‘lower level’ to ‘beginner’ level teacher for students in between the ages of 8 and 12 years old. With time I am happy that Anjali has given me the opportunity to teach ‘higher level’ of English proficiency to children who are 12-16 years old. I am very excited to work in such a nurturing environment.


Kindergarten & Access Program Teacher

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I belong to a family of farmers in Banteay Meanchey Province.
I am happy to be part of Anjali House as it gives me the ability to share my knowledge and experience with the young generation of our country.
As a teacher I want my students to enjoy learning. I understand how overwhelming learning can be as I also struggled with the language till I came to Siem Reap in 2009 to study English in an international school. I have worked really hard and I am a firm believer that hards work leads to learning, wisdom and success.


Long term gardening volunteer

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My first teaching experience in Cambodia was in 2012 and I immediately embraced the people and culture. It changed my view on life and I missed it so much I returned in 2013. Anjali House was the first place I contacted when I retired to Siem Reap 3 years ago and I have never looked back. Teaching gardening, agriculture and English is a wonderful satisfying job and I feel very privileged and humble to be part of this lovely Family. Every day is a joy when the children call my name and say good morning. Anjali House is a beautiful School where the teachers, staff and volunteers work as a team to make a better life for their students.

Ka Sin


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I am an English teacher and my students are 7-14 years old. I am so glad to be a part of Anjali house to help the underprivileged children and I really love teaching them. In addition, I am an English university student at University South-East Asia. Anjali provides me a good opportunity to improve my English and personal development. I am so excited to see our children study hard and grow up to be respectful human beings. In my free time, I like researching on internet and having a group study at school or sometime I go to my hometown to help my family in the farm.

Khen Calin

Computer Teacher

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I started teaching Computer Science at Anjali House after finishing my degree in IT from the University of South-East Asia.
I teach students in the age group of 7-14 years old. I am very happy that I am able to make a difference to the lives of underprivileged children. Teaching also adds to my skills and helps me develop soft skills like team work.
I would like to thank Anjali for giving me a great opportunity to improve my skills and personal development with team work.
I sometimes go to my hometown to help my family of farmers.



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