Anjali’s wish list
Anjali always appreciates donations from volunteers or visitors. There are lots of things you can bring with you, that the kids would be so thankful for!
Below is a list of items that would be gratefully received and we are always in need of. Some products you can buy in Cambodia at the markets, which will not only be cheaper, but will also support local economy. Of course you can also buy stuff in your own country and bring it with you or send it to Anjali via post.

Category Product
Art Balloons
Art Beads
Art Clear contact
Art Colored Paper
Art Glitter
Art Glue
Art Scissors for art Workshop (different line shapes)
Art Stickers
Art Wooden art sticks
Clothing Small sized clothing (For size should be age between 5 to 15)
Clothing Small size sandals (For size should be age between 5 to 15)
Educational Supplies English fiction books (age 5-10)
Educational Supplies Khmer books
Educational Supplies Rulers
Educational Supplies Hand washing hygiene posters
Educational Supplies Other educational posters for Classroom
Educational Supplies Colored markers
Educational Supplies Paint for art classes
Games Board and card games – new or used
Hygiene Combs
Hygiene Lice shampoo
Hygiene Shampoo
Hygiene Soap
Hygiene Toothbrush
Hygiene Toothpaste
Medical Antiseptic cream
Medical Bandages
Medical Iodine
Medical Instant ice packs
Medical Latex gloves
Medical Large band-aids
Office A4 printing paper
Office Hole punches
Office Staplers
Office Sticky tape big roll
Office Sticky tape small roll
Office Sticky tape small roll colorful
Office Large plastic Storage Boxes with lids
Office Colored Paper
Office Whiteboard markers
Office Whiteboard marker ink refills
Rewards Small prizes for student of the week (i.e. pencil cases, toys, hair accessories, stationary)
School Supplies Note book
School Supplies Pens
School Supplies Pencils
School Supplies Color Pencils
School Supplies Sewing supplies new or used ( hand sewing or machine
Sorts Any other sports or play equipment

Click below to download a PDF-file of our wish list, including some pictures of the various much-needed products!

Anjali's wish list